We are a leading E-commerce group in Hong Kong and a subsidiary of AZOYA INTERNATIONAL(HONG KONG)LIMITED. Over the years, we have established excellent relationships with well-known global brands and wholesale trading groups, developed world-class IT infrastructure and international supply chain. We continue to provide seamless and innovative shopping experience for our customers.

▶全球甄选 A Global Selection


The global selection of merchandise in Bonpont has its roots in the closely woven supply chain network we established with our international suppliers. We are tasked with the mission to create future-oriented shopping experience of health and fashion. And to achieve that, we are taking the customer-centric approach to catering to the needs of customers, and to brought ‘everyday low price’ to your everyday lives. Our global sourcing capability allows us to introduce a wide selection of affordable, premium and newly launched products.

▶经营范畴 Business Scope


We are committed to providing customers with premium products covering categories of health & nutrition, personal care, beauty & skincare, home & kitchen, fashion & sports, food and mom & baby. We have a global span across 10+ countries and regions in the world, and we will continue to expand our reach in the future to bring more products to our customers.

▶国际直邮 International Dropship Service


Our international direct delivery service is powered by local warehouses with cutting-edge technology in warehousing, fulfillment and inventory management. We support multiple international shipping routes to deliver your order in time. We accomplish that with professional in-house supply chain and operations team.

▶客户服务 Customer Service


We value the personal connection between customers, partners and our staff. To provide customers with bespoke and considerate advice, our customer service specialists are fully-trained with professional skills and knowledge of the merchandises. Feel free to consult us for expert advice.